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New Release: The ishs/Allen Project

Elegant compositions meld with passionate improvisation

The ishs/Allen Project (TiAP) launches their debut, self-titled album on 4 March 2015. Spearheaded by pianist/composer ade ishs and drummer Chelsea Allen, the band currently comprises a quartet with Paul Bonnington (semi-acoustic and electric basses) and Ee Shan Pang (trumpet, flugelhorn, and voice).

Of the group’s fledgling recording, Peter Neville (Head of Percussion and New Music Studio, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music) says, “Often sparse and understated, always elegant, this debut album for The ishs/Allen Project delivers wonderfully complementary pieces, each painted in warm harmonic brushstrokes, framed in thoughtful arrangements, and recorded to perfection.”

ade says, “I’m particularly drawn to the compositional styles of contemporary composers and instrumentalists. I really enjoy the levels of details exhibited in their writing, and enjoy the challenge of playing improvised music with interesting and complex forms.”

These, as well as ade’s early classical influences, are evident in compositions such as the rhapsody-like Handholding, poignant A Place in the World, and the exuberant samba, Welcoming Spring.

The evocative Guildford Lane, co-written by the band leaders, showcases a sensitive duet between piano and drums that speaks of the beginning of their musical journey and the place of their meeting in Melbourne.

Says Chelsea, “The ishs/Allen Project is an improvising musical group, of keeping with the very best traditions of contemporary and traditional jazz, but we also have a focus on writing and performing compositions that speak to the heart, which take the listener on a journey, and which give us an exciting platform for composing in the moment.”

Track listing

  1. A Place in the World [9:11].
  2. Train [5:29].
  3. Welcoming Spring [6:38].
  4. Handholding [11:02].
  5. Science [3:21].
  6. Understanding [8:28].
  7. Veiled Beauty [6:51].
  8. Above the Desert [4:07].
  9. Little Flower [4:02].
  10. Guildford Lane [5:56].

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New Release: Four Seasons Live

Following the studio album Four Seasons Suite, Purrfect Records in association with ade ishs Music present Four Seasons Live, a Blu-ray™ disc title containing video of a live solo piano concert by ade ishs, released on 20 October this year.

Melbourne jazz icon Steve Sedergreen says about ade in the album liner, “I have become a great admirer of his approach and desire to succeed as a contemporary jazz pianist”. This release is a reflection of ade’s approach in various aspects of music, composition and performance including improvisation. The kick-starting and feature piece, Four Seasons Suite, is over half an hour long. There are many improvised sections in this piece, a fact that listeners can find out by comparing the live and studio versions. The second live set contains six shorter pieces varying in styles, from the emotional lyrical rhapsody Thank You to the carefree straight-ahead jazz swing Blues for Chelsea.

In addition to the live tracks, the disc also contains the whole studio recording of Four Seasons Suite plus five shorter studio tracks: the pastoral Soft Wind; complex yet visceral Down Under Sunlight; heartfelt ballad Go On 1; light-hearted Little Flower; and a sweet closing Thank You.

To end his endorsement, Steve proclaims, “Right now is the time to get to know ade ishs!”

Track listing

  1. Four Seasons Suite. I: Summer to Autumn
  2. Four Seasons Suite. II: Autumn to Winter
  3. Four Seasons Suite. III: Winter to Spring
  4. Four Seasons Suite. IV: Spring to Summer
  5. Soil
  6. Understanding
  7. Thank You
  8. Down Under Sunlight
  9. Melbourne Still Shines
  10. Blues for Chelsea
  11. Four Seasons Suite. I: Summer to Autumn
  12. Four Seasons Suite. II: Autumn to Winter
  13. Four Seasons Suite. III: Winter to Spring
  14. Four Seasons Suite. IV: Spring to Summer
  15. Soft Wind
  16. Down Under Sunlight
  17. Go On 1
  18. Little Flower
  19. Thank You



Farewell, Daigo

Daigo Nakai has been playing regularly as part of my trio, and it has been really enjoyable to have him in the band. However, Daigo is leaving Australia and he will start his adventure in Europe.

We will have a farewell show for Daigo on 7 October 2014, 8:00pm–11:00pm at Open Studio, 204 High St, Northcote, Vic, AU. Entry by donation.

Line up: ade ishs (acoustic piano), Chelsea Allen (drums), Daigo Nakai (acoustic bass), and some guests.

ade ishs Trio

ade ishs Trio at The Newnorthern

My trio with Chelsea Allen and Daigo Nakai will play on 26 July 2014, 4:30pm at The Newnorthern, 359 Barker St, Castlemaine, Vic, AU. Entry: $20/$15 concession. Book online or contact Zoe Dattner, 03 5472 2787, [email protected].

New Release: Four Seasons Suite

Whole year themed music that combines a classical sonata-like form with jazz improvisations

ade ishs releases his new album on 16 June through the Purrfect Records label in association with ade ishs Music. After his previous solo piano releases, Visions and New Butterfly, this is his third (in addition to his trio recording).

Unlike any of his previous albums, this one only contains his album-long original piece, divided into four movements, in the sense of movements in, for example, a classical sonata. “Most people probably only know me as a jazz player. That is of course far from the truth. My musical training was mostly classical performance, and I guess I have this affinity for classical music. However, at the same time, every movement in the Four Seasons Suite contains improvised sections as typically found in jazz.”

The movements are called “Summer to Autumn”, “Autumn to Winter”, “Winter to Spring”, and “Spring to Summer”. “Instead of having each movement tell a story about a season, I’d rather have them tell stories about the transitions from one to another, more specifically, the transitions of the four seasons in Melbourne as experienced by myself. I begin with summer as I arrived in Australia in summer after living my life in the tropical Jakarta.”

Track listing
  1. Four Seasons Suite. Movement I: Summer to Autumn
  2. Four Seasons Suite. Movement II: Autumn to Winter
  3. Four Seasons Suite. Movement III: Winter to Spring
  4. Four Seasons Suite. Movement IV: Spring to Summer
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New Release: ade ishs Trio

A meditative quality that goes beyond the jazz trio sound

The ade ishs Trio launches their CD on 1 November. Band leader ade ishs has previously released solo piano recordings, but this is his first release in the trio format.

With the current line up of ade ishs on piano, Chelsea Allen on drums and Daigo Nakai on acoustic bass, he’s trying to create an equality within the band. “I’m trying to avoid having the piano always the front liner. On this recording, the bass and drums are all front liners, on different tracks.”

The Differing Sky features drums, and For What It’s Worth features a singing bass solo… throughout the album the three musicians are featured equally.

The CD includes songs that ade ishs has written over the last decade. Night Birds was written in 2002 and Understanding is from a few months ago. He’s been writing originals for decades and has always been drawn to the trio format.

“When we first met, we weren’t sure we were an originals band, but over time we started playing more of my originals and then we wanted to record. By the time we came to make the CD, we had more than enough. We had the luxury of being able to choose the best.”

Track listing
  1. Acceptance
  2. Night Birds
  3. Cold Summer
  4. Soil
  5. Understanding
  6. The Differing Sky
  7. For What It’s Worth
  8. Victoria Street
  9. Go On 3
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The launch event will take place tonight also in Melbourne at 8pm at Live at Baker Street c/o Burwood Music Centre. 2 Florence St, Burwood. Book a seat.

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