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Piano trio albums don’t get much better than this beautiful new release from the ade ishs Trio. …. All the compositions are by ade, and they’re all very strong, and they’re all very beautiful.
Ivan Lloyd, ABC Jazz, Australia. November 2013

The cover art for Melbourne pianist ade ishs’ new Trio album is of a dark deep lake, its surface untroubled, its edges calm and waveless.

Being a visual person, images often swim though my head while listening to music. This image appealed instantly as a perfect expression of the Trio’s music and especially of ishs’ playing — calm and settled on the surface, held in place by a spiritual gravity, its smooth face belieing the many cross currents interweaving and shaping the dark waters below.

Strength without force. Power without friction.

John Hardaker,, Australia. November 2013
Joyful and heartfelt, I play this album at least once a day, greatly enjoy its musicality, recording and mastering quality despite it being a CD and not vinyl. I don’t think I will tire of this album, it is now in my collection of timeless albums next to Dave Grusin’s The Gershwin Connections. I would have paid more for this album and have to say after hearing ade’s trio live, this album translates their music extremely well. I couldn’t recommend this album enough.
B. Taylor, Melbourne, Australia. November 2013
Hypnotically mesmerising, the flow of delicacy, to the power, the dynamics and beyond, the harmonic development of notes and structure of composition is simply breathtaking, ade is by any measure pure musical brilliance.
Darren Springthorpe, Live at Baker Street, Melbourne, Australia. May 2013
One of the best sets I heard [at Grampians Jazz Festival 2013] was The ishs/Allen Project’s.
Kevin Blazé, Melbourne, Australia. February 2013
ade ishs Trio fed my soul tonight, tasty, soulful, mmm. I really love it. My heart is super happy now, thank you!
Sayako Nakagawa, Melbourne, Australia. April 2012
It was fabulous to hear you all at the Grampians. I look forward to hearing more.
Jan Blake, Melbourne, Australia. February 2012
I like the atmosphere of this album.
Simon Williams, Inner FM, Melbourne, Australia. November 2011
It was far from being a waste of money paying ade’s travel cost from Melbourne to Jakarta so that he could perform at my wedding reception. He played all of the songs that I requested beautifully. I would do the same again for my kids’ wedding receptions.
Novita Sari, Jakarta, Indonesia. March 2011
Although his classical roots are readily apparent, New Butterfly has a strong jazz influence and the feeling of a spontaneous, heartfelt conversation. The blending of colorful, powerful expression and a commanding piano technique can produce stellar results, and this is a great example. Equally at ease with bigger, more dramatic music and quiet meditations, ishs should be turning a lot of heads with this album.
Kathy Parsons,, Portland, OR, USA. November 2010
Songwriter, composer, and pianist ade ishs has created a harmonious ten-song masterpiece of piano treasures entitled New Butterfly. Aptly titled, New Butterfly’s entire collection is like a transformation complete with piano rhythms and tones culminating into a strong, professional effort. ade captures many different emotions in song highlighting acoustic jazz, classical, and meditating cascades. From softly falling leaves to ripples on a calm sea and therapeutic meditations to quiet nights on the beaches of Melbourne Australia, ade ishs presents a world of peace and pleasure. New Butterfly also appeals greatly to traditional jazz and adult contemporary radio station listeners.
Gary Brown, Suffolk, VA, USA. November 2010
The music is simply beautiful. Both relaxing and deeply contemplative. ade’s in no rush to finish a song, the timing is just right.
Kamal Advani, Melbourne, Australia. November 2010
Your music is inspiring.
M. Giry Prasetya, Perth, Australia. November 2010
ade. I love your album New Butterfly, success for you!
Carlos Santi, Jakarta, Indonesia. November 2010
Mixing bold musical proclamations, pastoral compositions, and classical nuance, ade ishs crafts a reflective, relaxing atmosphere on his solo piano album New Butterfly. The Indonesia-born ishs has a real knack for utilizing silence in his music, and the relationship of his carefully chosen chords to the living spaces between is the fulcrum upon which this album balances. His masterful use of space gives the listener time to digest each masterful passage and gives each subsequent idea even more of a dramatic flair. The pauses evoke various feelings, as if the music is sighing, taking a deep breath, or gasping for air.
Bryan Rodgers, USA. November 2010
Thanks for the exciting musical moment to play with a great keyboard player with the same name as mine.
Iman Budi Santoso, Jakarta, Indonesia. April 2010
ade ishs’s classical music background results into plus points, making this album mature without any overstatement.
Harliza Keumala Fuady, Ozip Magazine, Australia. February 2010
Delightful, refreshing and uplifting are just some of the words that can be used to describe this musical smorgasbord of compositions presented through the medium of acoustic piano.
Janet Mawdesley, Conscious Living Magazine, Australia. September 2009
ade ishs’ playing has the effortless quality of a pianist who is completely at one with his instrument.
Kathy Parsons,, Portland, OR, USA. September 2009
I really like Morning Vision… Gives me goosebumps listening to it….
Chloe, Voice of Jakarta Radio, New York, NY, USA. August 2009
Two thumbs up!!!
Arien Maulana Kamal, Jakarta, Indonesia. August 2009
At times bright, at times mellow, the listener is kept involved and entertained by ade ishs’s mastery of the piano. I certainly look forward to hearing his next album.
Stefan Bird, Zhengzhou, China. June 2009
Well done. Such smooth music you make... Love it.
Anny Chairani, Indonesia. May 2009
I highly recommend Visions if you like instrumental music.
Kamal Advani, Melbourne, Australia. May 2009
I’m astonished by his piano performance plus his philosophical chat… If I can ask something, I want my child to learn how to play the piano from ade.
Ressa Said, Sydney, Australia. November 2004
He is amazingly talented in music (honestly, I envy his perfect pitch, gosh… how could you do that?). I am not very musical, but as far as I know, his compositions are superb! And the way he did those, well, simply amazing!
Swastika Nohara, Bogalakon Pictures, Indonesia. August 2004
This guy has an incredible musicality! He even has perfect pitch! I wish I share a bit of his piano ability.
Meutia Chaerani Soemardjan, Rujak, Indonesia. May 2004