Announcing New Release: Red Door by ade ishs, Adam Donaldson, and David Galea!

Pianist ade ishs, drummer Adam Donaldson, and bassist David Galea release their collaboration Red Door on 12 February 2021. The embryo of this collective work was the Red Door Project at RMIT University ran at their Melbourne City Campus’ Kaleide Theatre, which was a special arrangement for their sound and live production students in response to the COVID-19 restrictions.

The album contains three compositions by ade ishs, two of which (Something Unspoken and Florence Street) are previously unrecorded. As well as those, a fresh, energetic take on David’s composition Siam Valley (previously included in his debut album Wood & Wire: Live in the Nickson Room with a larger ensemble format) starts this collection of lively sound. The deeply affecting Something Unspoken is a departure from straight-ahead jazz, with a classical music inflection and influence clearly highlighted.

David says, ‘The joy of improvised music, and in the case of the Red Door, is that three musicians can come together for the first time and create a recording that is honest, lively, and spontaneous.’ ade adds, ‘One special thing for me, to date, is that this is the only album I’ve done where all of the tracks are one-takes, and all of them are both concert and recording quality’. Adam concludes, ‘Communication is key and certainly the heart of Red Door.’

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