ade ishs & eMotion Band at Ballarat Winter Festival

ade ishs — Jazz Series

This year’s Ballarat Winter Festival will see the debut of my newest project called eMotion Band. This is my vehicle to continually explore musical ideas. Subscribing to the philosophy that emotion is the energy for motion, the band is formed with the idea of presenting emotive music that speaks directly to the listeners and take them on a musical journey.

Our performance will take place on 8 July, 2–4pm at the McCain Hall inside the Art Gallery of Ballarat, 40 Lydiard St N, Ballarat Central, Vic.

We will be in good company, with other foremost Australian artists such as Andrea Keller and Julien Wilson taking part in the festival.

The gallery is a beautiful venue (the photo above depicts me playing there). Booking is highly recommended!

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Castlemaine Jazz Festival 2018

The Bridge

I’m playing at this year’s Castlemaine Jazz Festival with two bands:

  1. The Bridge: contemporary jazz with infectious vocal harmonies. Repertoire includes tunes by modern composers including myself. Sunday, 10 June, 3pm at Theatre Royal Castlemaine and 8pm at Old Castlemaine Gaol (cell block). Also in the band: Alex Yarosh, Erin Campbell, Hezy Suramarta, Kama Austen, and Michael Ooi.
  2. Jon Magill’s GrooVe Congress: contemporary groove-based jazz by modern masters such as Pat Metheny, Bob Reynolds, and Michael League. Sunday, 10 June, 6pm at Old Castlemaine Gaol (cell block) and 10pm at Old Castlemaine Gaol (mess hall). Line up: Jon Magill, ade ishs, Justin Thomas, Paul Bonnington, Michael Ooi.

It will be a great weekend!

Melbourne International Jazz Festival 2018

As you must know already, the Melbourne International Jazz Festival is a major jazz event in Australia. I’m excited to announce that I will take part in it for the first time!

I will accompany the awesome singer Peter Hearne for the launch of his soul jazz album, That’s What I Like About You. My solo piano performance will warm up the room. This show will take place at Dizzy’s Jazz Club, 368 Bridge Rd, Richmond, Vic on 4 June, 7:30pm.

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New Collaboration with Alex Roper and Rory Brown

ade ishs Trio with Alex Roper and Rory BrownI am so pleased to announce a new collaboration with the musicians extraordinaire, drummer Alex Roper and bassist Rory Brown. These lovely human beings are a delight to watch and listen to. Joining us on the stage is guest musician, my good friend Ee Shan Pang on trumpet.

Our show will be at Paris Cat, 6 Goldie Pl, Melbourne CBD on 30 May, 8pm. We will be playing some of my visceral original tunes with fresher takes and some new ones. It will be a night to remember. Entry is $25. Booking is highly recommended.

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The Trio Returns!

ade ishs Trio w/Chelsea Allen & Frank Di Sario

After almost one year not playing in any trio setting, I am excited to announce that my trio will return. This time, I will share the stage with Chelsea Allen (drums) and Frank Di Sario (bass). We will be playing at the Paris Cat Jazz Club (basement), 6 Goldie Pl, Melbourne CBD on 13 December, 8:30pm.

We will be playing my visceral original tunes with fresher takes. So, don’t miss out on this! Entry is $25. Booking is highly recommended.

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Gemma Tully & ade ishs at the Maven Room

Gemma Tully & ade ishs

Enjoy an intimate Sunday afternoon concert where I will play with singer/composer Gemma Tully. Like myself, Gemma writes jazz-folk compositions. In this show, we will bring our music to the mix and showcase fresh interpretations of our tunes. We have chosen to debut our collaboration at The Maven Room, a beautiful, luxurious, engaging space with ideal acoustics and raised theatre-style seating—a really great space for our music.

Date/time: 19 November 2017, 4pm–6pm

Place: The Maven Room c.q. Burwood Music Centre, 2 Florence St, Burwood, Vic

Ticket: starting from $20 + b/f.

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New Collaborations

The Bridge

I’ve had very intense months producing The ishs/Allen Project’s new album Stories Under the Sky and it culminated into a couple launch shows. We’re taking a break until the end of the year before performing more shows starting next year.

So, what’s happening now? The rest of this year will see a series of new collaborations. I’ll tell you the stories now.

Over the years, I have met great musicians that I’d like to play with. Among them is guitarist Alex Yarosh whom I met around five years ago. I also had met and played gigs with bassist Hezy Suramarta. As we talked, we found out that we were mutual friends with Alex. “Maybe it’s a sign”, I thought.

Last year I met singer Kama Austen for a gig through Hezy, and I have done a few gigs with her in other occasions, so I thought that it would be natural to include her in the band. Alex introduced drummer Michael Ooi to us, and Kama brought fellow singer Erin Campbell into the band. We formed The Bridge.

Our first show was at the recent Castlemaine Jazz Festival, where we offered something unique to it—contemporary jazz and standards cover with mind-blowing vocals and fresh arrangements. We are heading to this year’s Halls Gap Jazz and Blues Festival. What’s also special here is that it will highlight my collaboration in the songwriting space: Ann Bolton penned beautiful lyrics that I have turned into songs to be premiered by The Bridge.

I have been lucky to meet people from all over Australia. One of them is fellow pianist David Lole. I have seen him in various towns in various states, including visiting him in his home town. A few months ago, he rang me and proposed a “piano duel”. Without hesitation, I said yes. We’ll play at the Halls Gap Jazz and Blues Festival as The ishs/Lole Collaboration.

Finding new music that’s really great isn’t a trivial thing for me. However, whenever I find one, it feels really good. Speaking of new good music, there’s a fresh band in town called Line Matter. They play awesome contemporary jazz music—definitely one that I recommend everyone to check out. Months ago, I was invited to sit in with them, but I had to miss it. However, the opportunity has arised now, and we’ll collaborate to play at the Halls Gap Jazz and Blues Festival. Check out for ade ishs Collaborates with Line Matter.

28–29 October
Halls Gap Jazz and Blues Festival

Various venues in Halls Gap, Vic

Is that all?

No. Stay updated as I am still collaborating even more!

New Release: Stories Under the Sky

Jazz infused with stories, dramas, and rhapsodies

Melbourne contemporary jazz group The ishs/Allen Project (TiAP) launches their second album Stories Under the Sky on 17 August 2017. Led by pianist ade ishs and drummer Chelsea Allen, and supported by long-term members, bassist Paul Bonnington and trumpeter Ee Shan Pang, the ensemble has sought to expand their sound palette on their sophomore album with more acoustic instruments and dramatic, cinematic compositions. Joining the core quartet as a guest musician on the album is woodwind maestro Lachlan Davidson.

The centrepiece of this album is a broadening and deepening exploration in composition and form: the majority of the album seeks a departure from traditional, straight-ahead jazz norms. For the band, Stories represents an evolution, rather than an abrupt departure, while still acknowledging what united the band members in the first place. Overall, Stories Under the Sky accentuates more dramatic, extended and cinematic compositional structures.

The conception of the album began, funnily enough, in its ending—a duet for piano and voice titled I’ll Wait Until You Arrive, which serves as a reflection on grief and as a memoir of a friend recently departed. “Most important to me, in this stage of music making and music writing,” says Chelsea, “is strength and simplicity in the message and in the execution. Simple themes are so important and so relatable, and never cliche.” ade adds, “Most of the time, I am drawn more to compositions and arrangements than performance techniques (I’m not a big fan of ‘chop-fests’), and Chelsea is, too. That’s why we include three rhapsodies (Autumn Walk, Shades, and Moving Forward) as well as other narrative-like, quasi-rhapsodies. We feel that we’ve achieved our objective: reciting musical stories under the sky.”

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