Quotes from Musicians

Great playing, ade, Rory and Alex. It’s great to hear a real group with a concept, a sound and a terrific style instead of just a bunch of guys thrown together. I enjoyed it immensely!
— Geoff Kluke, Melbourne, Australia. March 2019

ade and Chelsea are remarkably talented modern jazz exponents. Their original material is vibrant, wonderfully cohesive, so complex and full of interest for this listener.
— David Lole, Canberra, Australia. March 2016

I first came across ade ishs at my performance workshops at Guildford Lane Gallery in 2011. I was so impressed by his musicianship and expressive tonal quality at the keyboard. Since that time I have become a great admirer of his approach and desire to succeed as a contemporary jazz pianist.
— Steve Sedergreen, Melbourne, Australia. October 2014

Such musicality, space, and delicate detail. Highly recommended.
— Shaun Creek, Melbourne, Australia. December 2013

This is a sensational album — I have been playing it constantly. If you love sparkling, “golden” uplifting and melodic jazz with cool rhythms and riffs, you’ll love this.
— Tracey Roberts, Melbourne, Australia. December 2013

I just took a sheet of tissue to dry my tears for this goose bump!
— Iman Budi Santoso, Jakarta, Indonesia. November 2013

I really like Acceptance… very nice tune and composition. It resonates deeply with me. I think I will keep listening to this for a while…

Just two words: Salute and Respect!
— Agus Batara, Melbourne, Australia. November 2013

One of the best sets I heard [at Grampians Jazz Festival 2013] was The ishs/Allen Project’s.
— Kevin Blazé, Melbourne, Australia. February 2013

ade ishs Trio fed my soul tonight, tasty, soulful, mmm. I really love it. My heart is super happy now, thank you!
— Sayako Nakagawa, Melbourne, Australia. April 2012

It was fabulous to hear you all at the Grampians. I look forward to hearing more.
— Jan Blake, Melbourne, Australia. February 2012

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