ade ishs Trio

2013 album by ade ishs Trio

ade ishs TrioTracks:

  1. Acceptance
  2. Night Birds
  3. Cold Summer
  4. Soil
  5. Understanding
  6. The Differing Sky
  7. For What It’s Worth
  8. Victoria Street
  9. Go On 3

Formats: CD and digital download

Released by ade ishs Music (AIM04).

Musicians: ade ishs (acoustic piano), Chelsea Allen (drums), Daigo Nakai (acoustic bass)

ade ishs Trio, the band’s eponymous debut album combines a traditional piano trio format with a modern performance approach, featuring compositions by ade ishs in a variety of styles.

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Piano trio albums don’t get much better than this beautiful new release from the ade ishs Trio. …. All the compositions are by ade, and they’re all very strong, and they’re all very beautiful.
— Ivan Lloyd (ABC Jazz, Australia)

The cover art for Melbourne pianist ade ishs’ new Trio album is of a dark deep lake, its surface untroubled, its edges calm and waveless.

Being a visual person, images often swim though my head while listening to music. This image appealed instantly as a perfect expression of the Trio’s music and especially of ishs’ playing — calm and settled on the surface, held in place by a spiritual gravity, its smooth face belieing the many cross currents interweaving and shaping the dark waters below.

Strength without force. Power without friction.
— John Hardaker (

Sensational and colourful album… I play the pieces regularly whenever I present a contemporary jazz programme… Exquisite.
— Angela Jones (Inner FM, Melbourne, Australia)

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