Four Seasons Live

2014 album by ade ishs

Four Seasons Live

Live tracks:
1–4. Four Seasons Suite; 5. Soil; 6. Understanding; 7. Thank You; 8. Down Under Sunlight; 9. Melbourne Still Shines; 10. Blues for Chelsea

Studio tracks:
11–14. Four Seasons Suite; 15. Soft Wind; 16. Down Under Sunlight; 17. Go On 1; 18. Little Flower; 19. Thank You

Format: Blu-ray™ (region-free)

A joint release by Purrfect Records (14042-02) and ade ishs Music (AIM06).

Musician: ade ishs (acoustic pianos: Steinway D on studio tracks and Yamaha C7 on live tracks)

ade ishs’ debut live solo album includes thirteen works. There are seven recorded works and six studio recordings. I have heard ade ishs perform many times at my weekly workshops and the Four Seasons Suite personally moved me. Check out the difference between the live and studio recordings. Take time to listen deeply to the beautiful expression, the excellent quality of recording and what ade ishs is trying to communicate.
— Steve Sedergreen (Jazz and improvising pianist and educator)

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