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Unique solo acoustic piano tracks, blending jazz and classical music. A fitting accompaniment for relaxation, meditation, reading, and inspiration-seeking.

<h4>Tracks</h4> <p><img src="../images/visions-cd-cover.jpg" alt="Visions" class="bio-photo"></p> <p>(1)&nbsp;Birth of Love, (2)&nbsp;Matahari dan Rembulan, (3)&nbsp;Sky, (4)&nbsp;Morning Vision, (5)&nbsp;Soil, (6)&nbsp;Rain 1, (7)&nbsp;Awan 1, (8)&nbsp;Rain 2, (9)&nbsp;Morning Feeling</p>

Visions is an independent release by composer/pianist ade ishs. It is his first solo album featuring 9 compositions performed solely with an acoustic piano.

The styles of pieces in this album vary widely, making it intriguing and providing you an enjoyable listening experience. There are the mellow and contemplative Birth of Love, powerful Awan 1, melodic Sky, and other immersing pieces, showcasing the diversity of genres in ade’s compositions.

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Recorded and mixed at Audrey Studios, Melbourne, Australia.

Engineer: David Badrick
Photographs: Muhammad Revaldi
Producer: ade ishs