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The Bridge

I’ve had very intense months producing The ishs/Allen Project’s new album Stories Under the Sky and it culminated into a couple launch shows. We’re taking a break until the end of the year before performing more shows starting next year.

So, what’s happening now? The rest of this year will see a series of new collaborations. I’ll tell you the stories now.

Over the years, I have met great musicians that I’d like to play with. Among them is guitarist Alex Yarosh whom I met around five years ago. I also had met and played gigs with bassist Hezy Suramarta. As we talked, we found out that we were mutual friends with Alex. “Maybe it’s a sign”, I thought.

Last year I met singer Kama Austen for a gig through Hezy, and I have done a few gigs with her in other occasions, so I thought that it would be natural to include her in the band. Alex introduced drummer Michael Ooi to us, and Kama brought fellow singer Erin Campbell into the band. We formed The Bridge.

Our first show was at the recent Castlemaine Jazz Festival, where we offered something unique to it—contemporary jazz and standards cover with mind-blowing vocals and fresh arrangements. We are heading to this year’s Halls Gap Jazz and Blues Festival. What’s also special here is that it will highlight my collaboration in the songwriting space: Ann Bolton penned beautiful lyrics that I have turned into songs to be premiered by The Bridge.

I have been lucky to meet people from all over Australia. One of them is fellow pianist David Lole. I have seen him in various towns in various states, including visiting him in his home town. A few months ago, he rang me and proposed a “piano duel”. Without hesitation, I said yes. We’ll play at the Halls Gap Jazz and Blues Festival as The ishs/Lole Collaboration.

Finding new music that’s really great isn’t a trivial thing for me. However, whenever I find one, it feels really good. Speaking of new good music, there’s a fresh band in town called Line Matter. They play awesome contemporary jazz music—definitely one that I recommend everyone to check out. Months ago, I was invited to sit in with them, but I had to miss it. However, the opportunity has arised now, and we’ll collaborate to play at the Halls Gap Jazz and Blues Festival. Check out for ade ishs Collaborates with Line Matter.

28–29 October
Halls Gap Jazz and Blues Festival

Various venues in Halls Gap, Vic

Is that all?

No. Stay updated as I am still collaborating even more!

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