Castlemaine Jazz Festival 2018

The Bridge

I’m playing at this year’s Castlemaine Jazz Festival with two bands:

  1. The Bridge: contemporary jazz with infectious vocal harmonies. Repertoire includes tunes by modern composers including myself. Sunday, 10 June, 3pm at Theatre Royal Castlemaine and 8pm at Old Castlemaine Gaol (cell block). Also in the band: Alex Yarosh, Erin Campbell, Hezy Suramarta, Kama Austen, and Michael Ooi.
  2. Jon Magill’s GrooVe Congress: contemporary groove-based jazz by modern masters such as Pat Metheny, Bob Reynolds, and Michael League. Sunday, 10 June, 6pm at Old Castlemaine Gaol (cell block) and 10pm at Old Castlemaine Gaol (mess hall). Line up: Jon Magill, ade ishs, Justin Thomas, Paul Bonnington, Michael Ooi.

It will be a great weekend!

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