New Album: Nocturnes

New solo piano album, Nocturnes, is out already!

Meditational night music without genre boundaries

Tasmanian pianist ade ishs releases his new solo piano album Nocturnes on 25 November 2022. This collection contains night-themed/inspired solo piano music in the style of classical and jazz, evoking the imagery of quiet nights in rural Tasmania. In addition to his own compositions, ade has also been deeply moved to include his rendition of a Jewish niggun (religious tune) written by the renowned 19th-century Naqshbandi Sufi Muslim Imam Shamil al-Daghestani.

‘Not long after Tasmania reopened its border after around two years of pandemic-related laws, my dear friend in Melbourne, Trevor Prasad visited me. He brought an emotion-charged piece he wrote called Triumph and I asked him if I could record it.’

This is ade’s first solo piano album in eight years (the last one was the Blu-ray release, Four Seasons Live). ‘In the past several years, I have recorded many band albums, either a band I (co-)lead or playing as someone else’s sideman.’

‘Moving to rural Tasmania from Melbourne has been a major lifestyle change for my family. I’d like to share the tranquillity of laid-back country life with the relaxing sounds in this album.’

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