Quotes from Fans and Friends

Listening to this and love love love it! Great work, ade ishs.
— Mita Hardo Purnama, Jakarta, Indonesia. September 2014

Soft and beautiful
Kusnar Budi, Depok, Indonesia. December 2013

Joyful and heartfelt, I play this album at least once a day, greatly enjoy its musicality, recording and mastering quality despite it being a CD and not vinyl. I don’t think I will tire of this album, it is now in my collection of timeless albums next to Dave Grusin’s The Gershwin Connections. I would have paid more for this album and have to say after hearing ade’s trio live, this album translates their music extremely well. I couldn’t recommend this album enough.
— B. Taylor, Melbourne, Australia. November 2013

It was far from being a waste of money paying ade’s travel cost from Melbourne to Jakarta so that he could perform at my wedding reception. He played all of the songs that I requested beautifully. I would do the same again for my kids’ wedding receptions.
— Novita Sari, Jakarta, Indonesia. March 2011

The music is simply beautiful. Both relaxing and deeply contemplative. ade’s in no rush to finish a song, the timing is just right.
— Kamal Advani, Melbourne, Australia. November 2010

Your music is inspiring.
— M. Giry Prasetya, Perth, Australia. November 2010

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