New Butterfly

2010 album by ade ishs

New ButterflyTracks:

  1. Little Butterfly
  2. Jakarta at Night 3
  3. When the Sun Sets 1
  4. When the Sun Sets 2
  5. St. Kilda Waters
  6. Go On 2
  7. I Saw Happiness
  8. Unity in Diversity
  9. Moving Ashburton
  10. Melbourne Still Shines

Formats: CD and digital download

Musicians: ade ishs (acoustic piano)

I like the atmosphere of this album.
— Simon Williams (Inner FM, Melbourne, Australia)

New Butterfly is an independent release by composer/pianist ade ishs featuring 10 tracks of refreshing solo acoustic piano music.

This album makes effective uses of sparse sounds and exhibits lyricism, making it integrate well with the moods contained in Visions.

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