2009 album by ade ishs


  1. Birth of Love
  2. Matahari dan Rembulan
  3. Sky
  4. Morning Vision
  5. Soil
  6. Rain 1
  7. Awan 1
  8. Rain 2
  9. Morning Feeling

Formats: CD, digital download, and streaming

Musicians: ade ishs (acoustic piano)

Delightful, refreshing and uplifting are just some of the words that can be used to describe this musical smorgasbord of compositions presented through the medium of acoustic piano.

Effortlessly you move from the mellow Birth of Love to the more melodic Sky, with each of the pieces forming meaning based on how the listener perceives the tones and cadences of each offering. In this first solo recording, ade ishs has managed to compose in a collation of jazz and classical idioms to form an effortless presentation of tracks designed to be listened to in a range of different mediums: from relaxation, contemplation and a teasing fascination, to down right fun. ade ishs’s Indonesian culture has also been woven through the music like a gentle wraith drifting in and out, bringing with it the subtle hint of the East.
— Janet Mawdesley (Conscious Living Magazine, Australia)

Visions is an independent release by composer/pianist ade ishs. It is his first solo album featuring nine compositions performed solely with an acoustic piano.

The styles of pieces in this album vary widely, making it intriguing and providing you an enjoyable listening experience. There are the mellow and contemplative Birth of Love, powerful Awan 1, melodic Sky, and other immersing pieces, showcasing the diversity of genres in ade’s compositions.

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