New Release: ​ade ishs Trio Live

Street Date: 1 November 2015ade ishs Trio Live

Lighthearted jazz with a poised and assured use of space and sound

The ade ishs Trio releases their live video album on 1 November 2015. This DVD release, as the title and cover artwork suggest, is complementary to the band’s self-titled CD released two years earlier with the same line up: bandleader/composer/pianist ade ishs, drummer Chelsea Allen, and bassist Daigo Nakai. New compositions are included in addition to new takes on the existing ones.

The video was recorded live at The Maven Room in Melbourne’s Burwood Music Centre. ade says about it, “This is really a marvellous venue, perfect for our purposes. Due to its highly sensitive acoustic nature, Chelsea in particular had to play in a way different from how she usually does. Listening to the recording, it sounds better than what I expected!”

Among the songs in the album, there are some previously unreleased ones, all joyful. Two of those are latin summer-themed pieces aptly called Summer Sunlight and Summer Breeze. The other one is a lively blues called Happy Friends 1. The album also contains a number of songs originally found in the trio’s studio release, but with the core spirits of the songs more pronounced. In Go On 3, ade and Chelsea play an evocative intro to enhance the emotiveness of the ballad. Daigo’s arco playing in Cold Summer adds more drama to the already theatrical piece.

“In this release, you will see how much we enjoy the interplay between us. Making emotive music has been something I love to do, and I’ve been very lucky to play with this trio of like-minded musicians.”

Track Listing

  1. Cold Summer
  2. Soil
  3. For What It’s Worth
  4. Go On 3
  5. Blues for Chelsea
  6. Victoria Street
  7. Understanding
  8. The Differing Sky
  9. Happy Friends 1
  10. Summer Sunlight
  11. Summer Breeze


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